Gary A. Lippincott, Artist and Illustrator
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Many pieces of Gary’s original art is for sale. Even the pieces that have been used for books, book covers, calendar prints, etc. are available. Only the rights to use these images were sold to the publishers—leaving the artwork in Gary’s possession. Some of the art is even matted and framed, having been hung in galleries and art shows.

Nothing compares to the original in showing Gary’s drawing and painting skills, his ability to capture details that are lost in reproductions, and his delicate layering of watercolor to achieve the final effect.

Contact Gary for more information about purchasing original artwork.

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Off to the Ball
This painting was done to illustrate a proposed book written by well-known author Jane Yolen. To date, the book is unpublished but this beautiful watercolor is a perfect example of Gary’s vision of Fairyland.

Off to the Ball
Available as a limited edition giclee print.

Autumn Fairies
Won 2004 Chesley Award for Best Monochrome Work

Bronze Sculpture
Won 2004 Chesley Award for Best Three-Dimensional Art Cast in Bronze.

7" tall, Jack is comprised of ten separate lost-wax castings to achieve his incredible mystique.

This charming, whimsical piece can be purchased through
DistinctiveCollections, Ltd.

Faith & Fairies
Book cover for children’s book by C.S. Haviland

Somewhere Magical

A more subtle scene of fantasy that leads to the question...Is there more magic here than meets the eye? A venerable old tree is the background to what seems a sign that someone or something has been there.

Available as a limited edition giclee print.

An ancient recipe for magic? Probably just a good story before bed. The little ones always want to be read to before being "tucked in."

Artwork used as calendar art and catalog cover.

Available as a limited edition giclee print.


Fairy Reel

A Toast
A medieval banquet, set in the heart of a winter landscape, is depicted in this painting. The image was used as a theatrical poster for the play “A Lion in Winter.”

Available as a lithograph poster.

The Other Wind
Book cover art used for a fantasy novel of the same name by Ursula K. LeGuin.

The Vampire’s Beautiful Daughter
Book cover art used for a young adult novel by S.P. Somtow.

Tea and Hamsters
Artwork used as a cover for “The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction”

Native American
A sepia watercolor of a familiar theme. Contemplating the spirit world or just a real fine tobacco.

There and Back Again
Dwarfs, Hobbits, and a venerable wizard occupy this painting, but it’s the highly detailed border that makes this piece distinctive.

Available as a lithograph poster.

Shiver Me Timbers
A captain’s last loving moments with his “booty” before its burial.

Bee Kind

Secret of Venus
Book cover artwork

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